The final payment for your trip is due Sunday, June 10, at the Burr Field Austin practice. The trip total is $500. If you paid your $100 deposit, only $400 will be expected in Austin.

Your T-Shirt order money is due 6/10 too. Unfortunately, your cost per shirt is $7 and NOT the $6 previously quoted. We tried to get that cost down as low as we could. You still should make $8 per shirt sale to benefit your trip.

We will take ticket sales at this time too. All bills should be settled in Austin, Sunday, June 10.

USA vs Italy - we have enough numbers to buy a block of group tickets. We are still organizing seating and ticket cost. We WILL be announced on the field at half time.

The good news is that you will be receiving your kit for the trip. You will be impressed with your package of goods.

Required clothing needed for the trip:
1. Khaki shorts
2. Long kahki pants
3. clean tennis shoes
4. Your Rugby Texas High Performance kit.

On the bus trip to Colorado, you will be expected to wear your complimentary High Performance T-shirt.

The coaches or managers will let you know exactly which clothes you will be wearing at any point in time, on the bus, going to dinner, team meetings, training, etc. It's up to you to pay attention.