From Coach Rock...

Friday night there is a team dinner at the hotel that is for players only. Not that we don't enjoy the parents but I felt this would be best served for players and coaches for all of us to get better acquainted. (As if a 14 hour bus trip would not have already done that!) We have 3 presenters for the boys at the dinner, 2 ex-Eagles and the current High School All American Coach. Immediately after the dinner the boys will funnel back to their rooms for some much needed rest.

Saturday there is an opening ceremony at the field (Aurora Sports Park, 18601 E. Sports Park Drive). This is a big deal and all teams are required to be present. The U19 boys play first at 10am and the U17 boys play at noon. The outcome of those games determine their next game time. We will have 2 tents for the boys at the park, parents are welcome and encouraged to be there as well. I look at this as an extended family, and a big one at that, so don't be a stranger, you are welcome.

Saturday night the team will be going to the Eagle match. The parents are welcome to go as well. Not sure how to get tickets but you most likely can find them through USA Rugby website.

I also would like to address some guidelines for the weekend. Anything that has to do with anything other than players, performance, game situations, etc. should be directed to Joe or Duane. I will handle all other issues that arise. I would prefer you contact me directly if you have a question or issue regarding the team or your son. I will then discuss the situation with the coaching staff. Since this is a Select Side program not all players will get equal time. But, it is my goal to give them all sufficient time. With 4 games I don't think we will have any problems with giving the boys playing time. But, I do need to bring it up.

The U19 will be referred to as the Red team, the U17 team will be the Blue team. There are no reserves, only impact players. Please use this terminology this weekend.

I look forward to a great weekend of rugby. I am excited to get to know everyone better and to work with the team. I appreciate you allowing me to coach your son.

I am sure there will be more to follow, but this is it for now.