Sunday, April 14th, Open Trials for Rugby Texas High Performance Rugby team will be held at

Central Park, College Station, Texas 77840
- map.

Time: 10AM to 1PM

The trials will NOT be held on the A&M campus! But close! And it is the day AFTER the Gareth Jones Tournament held at A&M.

You MUST REGISTER to tryout.

If you have registered for the Academy Schools already, registering for the trials is not necessary. Unsure? Login at If you cannot login, you have not registered and MUST do so to try out.

You will not need the waiver signed to tryout for HP but will need the waiver signed to play in the Gareth Jones Tournament. That is attached just below where it says Download Attachment.

What You Need to Tryout

  1. to be registered
  2. mouthpiece
  3. rugby jersey
  4. rugby shorts
  5. water
  6. food/snack

What's Next?
Invitational tryouts will be held in Austin, Saturday, May 4th. You may attend if you make the cut on April 14 and get invited to Austin for the next phase of the process. Further selections will be made that day and a practice will be held for the remaining players on Sunday May 5. See the Schedule for details.