Right now the total cost of the trip to Colorado is $525. We are working very hard to ensure that this amount does not go up. You will be alerted of any changes to this amount as soon as management discovers anything.

Payment Plan:
May 18 - $200
May 25 - $200 + t-shirt orders + USA/IRE tickets
June 8 – any remainder including t-shirt and raffle tickets
All money MUST be turned in before leaving for Colorado, or your son will NOT be allowed on the bus.

The web site has been set up so that you can see what is owed, what has been paid, and what has been ordered.

Fundraising t-shirts
The cost of the shirts had been underestimated. Due to the fabric (wicking), the player cost will be $10 per shirt. We suggest that the sale price be $20. Thus keeping $10 per shirt sold for the trip. The shirts will be very nice and well worth the money, which, of course, is going to a good cause. We have women style t-shirts. They have a lower neckline, shorter sleeves and are cut to accentuate the feminine figure.

You may login to the web site
and place your orders.

Raffle tickets
We will have more raffle tickets at each of the upcoming events if needed. I can also mail more tickets to your home. Just send me your address with how many tickets you would like.

USA v Ireland Tickets
This great match will be played in BBVA Stadium after our game against Bridgend in Houston on June 8. The tickets are $20 a piece. You may order these on the web site too. Your son will get free entrance, but count him in your order. We will adjust the total to comp his ticket later and just need total numbers for now. Last year we watched the USA v Italy game as a group and I can't tell you how much fun that was. I highly encourage you to make a family outing of the day. Players will be responsible for rides to and from the Bridgend game and BBVA Stadium.

We are in the process of setting up PayPal permitting you to make payments online and have others donate money towards your son's trip. Details will be released next week.

Details on May 18 Training and USA Championships
We will be training in and around the USA Championships in Las Colinas (The polo fields). We have arranged for FREE parking and admission to all families of High Performance players. You MUST have a High Performance player in your car to take advantage of the offer. We ask that parents and siblings volunteer to assist with the tournament. I suggest asking for a field assignment, siblings should ask to man the scoreboards. You will be better able to watch the games. Food and drink will be available for purchase. There are some specific rules. Please see the web site post about them.
If you are spending the night, please use one of the sponsoring hotels on the web site. The hotel tax is how we pay the city back for the field use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joe Kelly by email.