From Coach Rock:


We are at critical stage in our preparation for Colorado. We obviously have emphasized fitness over and over again. Another component that will benefit you is proper nutrition. Food is fuel for your body and we should be very careful with the types of food we are consuming. To play at the best level you are capable of you MUST put the best fuel into your system. Foods loaded with sugar (junk food, soda, candy, etc) and fatty foods will not enhance your performance. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, etc will!

Begin the elimination of crap food so that when we travel to Colorado and I enforce the NO JUNKFOOD/CANDY RULE you will already be prepared. If you are unfamiliar with that rule it's simple, only healthy foods make the journey to Colorado on the bus. Any unhealthy food (deemed by me) will be confiscated and thrown out. Don't waste your time buying it or you money bringing it as it will be tossed!

Saturday, May 25, we have a very important training session. The goal is to begin at 10am and conclude by 1pm. Of course this all depends on our focus and attention to detail during the training. So, please come mentally and physically prepared to work hard. We will be doing contact so it's essential to bring your mouth guard with you.

Also, wear your grey issued HP shirt to training. If you do not have your shirt on when you train you WILL NOT TRAIN! Be on time, period. Also, make sure you read your Letter of Commitment daily.

See you Saturday, Coach Rock