Either, scan and email to me, photograph and email to me, or copy and fax to 972-242-2071 care of Joe Kelly. Copies of insurance cards are optional but recommended.

Because USARugby has designated these RASTs as high school All Star tournaments (as opposed to U-19 or U-17 as in the past), proof of age is no longer required. At check-in, each player will be required to present a valid high school ID for the 2012-2103 school year. There can be no exceptions to this requirement. We also ask that each side present a roster with the names of all players listed in alphabetical order to facilitate check-in.

Please note, the statement, "There can be no exceptions to this requirement."

I highly suggest that your son obtain a school ID. It would be unfortunate that he travel all the way there and not play due to failure to provide proper paperwork.


Clarification on eligibility from Kurt Weaver, the Director of Youth & High School Rugby for USA Rugby.

Bottom line is that if your son does NOT have a student ID, then he will need a document from the student registrar proving enrollment AND a photo ID.


1.) All Players MUST be in high school during the 12-13 school year; no 8th graders and no college freshmen (8th graders are not allowed to play high school rugby at any time, but if there is a middle school tier at the RAST, they are welcome to play in that).

2.) Players are too old, and not allowed to play if they turned 19 before September 1, 2012. Again, they first must be enrolled in HS, then this age limit is applied.

3.) The 'VARSITY' tier consists of HS Juniors and Seniors for the school year 12-13 (meaning this school year we are in).

4.) The 'JR VARSITY' tier consists of HS Freshmen and Sophomores for the school year 12-13.

5.) Only the EXCEPTIONAL sophomore should play up with the varsity team, meaning 1 or 2 per state, if that. Likely you will talk to Coach Salty or Coach Danielle to discuss these players before playing them up.

6.) Proof of HS enrollment is required, a school ID or document from their registrar with a picture ID.

7.) Players will be selected for the High School All American Stars and Stripes game from the RAST events ONLY. There were no selections done at the HS national invitational tournaments, etc. Player must be in attendance at one of the RAST events to be considered.

8.)All players must be registered with USA Rugby, and coaches must be registered and certified with USA Rugby.