Varsity Parents,

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of the privilege we have hosting the Bridgend team from Wales. This is going to be a very good team with many representative players involved, some that may be playing for Wales in the very near future. The tour they have will take them around Texas, ending in Houston to play our team and watch the Eagles game. They will be saving their best players for us as we are the Rugby Texas team, the best in the state.

As in any other home game, we do have a collective responsibility to host them. It will be no different than any other home game you have participated in this season. Which means we will have some set up, operating, break down and hosting duties to attend to . Therefore we will need volunteers to assist us in the day's events.

Rugby Texas has generously donated monies for the officiating crew, and $250.00 for the post game meal. Our budget for the trip is not included in this match as we use all the money (your contribution and the funding from Rugby Texas) for the Colorado trip. So, this being said , we would appreciate any volunteers to assist us in making this a class act for our visitors. Please respond to this email and Joe and Duane will include you in helping us that day.

Thank you in advance for being part of this historic day, as it's the first for a HP team to play a game outside of the tournaments we participate in every year.


Coach Rock