Training grey tshirt
Bus trip and dinner for Thursday – Rugby Texas fundraiser t-shirt
Friday bus ride-RT blue addidas t-shirt
Friday Team Dinner-RT polo and khaki slacks
Sat and Sun wear grey HP t-shirt to the grounds
Sat Dinner-blue addidas t-shirts

Absolutely NO PLAYERS ALLOWED ON THE BUS until Coach Joe Kelly gives the say so. All kit bags go below, only a small bag allowed on the bus. It will be crowded! Ear phones is the item most kids forget. No junk food or face the wrath of Coach Rock.

Parental Issues handled Thursday Morning at Jesuit:
Fundraiser T-shirts and rugby shorts - see Coach Tiny to purchase or exchange. This is low priority for management, be considerate. The other items in the kit are all we have. The players should try and make arrangements to swap out with each other on sizes. They have a long bus ride to do so.
Money - see Coach Joe Kelly - this is HIGH priority! We do want to let you on the bus, so make sure your are paid up!

Parent Volunteers
We will need volunteers to assist with some minor last minute things such as loading a few items in and on the bus, maybe a run to the store. Possibly handle fundraiser t-shirt exchange and purchase.