As you prep for Colorado trip and your convening at Jesuit of Dallas, please remind the players and their parents of the following. There are summer sports camps, summer school and construction crews on campus. For parking you have been asked to recommend players carpool to the school. Cars should be parked by the stadium on the lower level parking area if they are planning to remain over night/weekend. Those who park here do so at their own risk and the school assumes no responsibility. There is an event planned here on Saturday which I am involved in and I will check on any vehicles left behind.

The lower field locker room (behind the scoreboard/concession building) has been made available for you for changing before and after training. Showers are available in this building as well but no towels. Players are asked to change there and not in the washrooms, the main campus buildings or the parking lots.

I will be there tomorrow with my kids as will Paul Maturi or stadium manager. If you need anything please let us know prior to you arrival.

Developing Men for Others,

Anthony Mattacchione
Community Service and Social Justice
Head Rugby Coach
Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas