I will need copies of the following to provide to USA Rugby. Please sign the forms. They can be scanned, copied, photographed and emailed to me, Joe Kelly, in digital format or placed in my hand as hard copies. They can be faxed too, if people still do that.

Ensure Rugby Texas Registration is Correct!
You will have to make positively sure that everything is filled out correctly on your RugbyTexas.net profile. Fill this out as completely as possible. The link is on the menu to the right or Player Login. This information is used for EVERYTHING. We use this to contact you, make sure you are actually on the squad, buy your tickets and room, and we give this to the USA selectors.

Valid 2013-2014 Student ID with Photo
If your son does NOT have a student ID, then he will need a document from the student registrar proving enrollment AND a photo ID.

Medical Release and Consent to Treat Forms
The forms is an attachment and can be downloaded by clicking on the "download attachment" link at the bottom of this posting. It's in small letters.

Please ensure that your son has these forms along with their government issued IDs and/or birth certificate(if your son has only a school ID). Bringing your insurance card is a good idea too.

$5 for lunch

Extra cash
The USA National Championships will be going on, you may want to buy some rugby merchandise or some more food.

Personal Hydration and Nutrition
Water and lunch will be provided but you may want to bring your own drinks or healthy snacks for during the day.