There are just a few more directions for you to follow so that we can get everything straightened out for the trip.

Please login to and:

  1. Make sure all your personal data is correct
  2. Make sure your grade level is correct
  3. Update your short and shirt sizes, you'll want clothes that fit correctly!
  4. Indicate how many tickets to the USA v Scotland game you would be interested in buying.
  5. This is NOT a commitment, just a means to gauge interest. Details below.
  6. Verify that your deposits/payments are correct. If not contact me.
  7. Ensure that your Required Paperwork all says "Yes". More details below.
  8. Ignore the Total Due, this is a rough estimate and will hopefully go down as donations come in.
  9. How many and which size fundraiser shirts you wish to order to sell. Details below.

Your discount cards - Lorenzo Romero, one of the managers is your front man on this fundraiser. Contact him with questions.

When using PayPal, you no longer have to email Joe Kelly, unless you have an issue. I look at the PayPal web site and credit your account from there.

I need your Student Photo ID issued from your school now! If you haven't sent it to me do so immediately. You will also have to bring it with you to Colorado. If you do NOT have a Student Photo ID you will need a photo ID, such as a Drivers License or passport AND a VOE issued from your school. That's a Verification of Enrollment. I need copies of these. They will be required by the tournament director – bottom line is "No ID, No Play".

Please send Joe Kelly copies of your insurance and signed release forms.

I am deeply appreciative of the diligent parents and players who have sent me all the required information already.

USA v Scotland game – we usually get end zone seats for about $25 a piece. It's better to go through us because, we get to sit together, and you save about $5 each in ticket fees. Please put in a number on the rugbytexas site form.

Fundraiser T-Shirts – you are lucky enough to receive 8 free t-shirts to sell and put towards your trip costs. The High Performance Management Team is making even more, better looking shirts to sell, but at a slight cost to you. You will be charged no more than $10 and sell them for $20 reaping a 100% profit to put towards your trip costs.

Thank you for reading all of this and following all the instructions – immediately!