Last Chance to Order T-Shirts - other info too

It's last chance to order T-shirts! Please go online at
and order fundraiser t-shirts. Recommended are at least 3 shirts per player, to keep and trade. Players will wish to make trades at the Bridgend game and always at the tournament. The t-shirts are extremely valuable for trading. Don't forget that each player makes $10 on each shirt sold (does not keep)! If your son's trip is paid, this will make easy pocket money.

If the site is NOT coming up, please send me an email right away so that I may fix.

If the site is working, order t-shirts and check your balance. Make sure that all money paid was correctly attributed. Please contact me with any issues. Note: the number of raffle tickets sold is displayed and the total bill is adjusted. The remainder of the balance will be collected June 8 and all raffle tickets will be turned in at that time. My mailing address is 1106 N. Maryland, Carrollton, TX 75006.

PayPal is now on the web site – See "PayPal" under Navigation on the right. Email me you r receipt so that it may be applied to your balance.

IDs!!!! I need a copy of your son's student ID. Either, scan and email to me, photograph and email to me, or copy and fax to 972-242-2071 care ofJoe Kelly. Copies of insurance cards are optional but recommended.

Memorize the playbook!

June 8 weekend schedule
9:00AM – All players to meet at St. Thomas HS (link) Granger Stadium.
        JV – dressed and ready to train by 9:00AM wearing gray shirts.
        Varsity – start getting dressed, taped and game prep
        Parents make final payments to Joe Kelly
10:AM - Varsity warm up
        JV showers
11:00AM Kick off
1:00PM – BBQ for Bridgend and HP players and family
2:00PM – parents and players help tear down pitch and clean up post BBQ.
        AFTER cleanup, Players dismissed to meet up at BBBVA Stadium for USA v IRE game and festivities – on own recognizance.

Bridgend Game

Varsity Parents,

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of the privilege we have hosting the Bridgend team from Wales. This is going to be a very good team with many representative players involved, some that may be playing for Wales in the very near future. The tour they have will take them around Texas, ending in Houston to play our team and watch the Eagles game. They will be saving their best players for us as we are the Rugby Texas team, the best in the state.

As in any other home game, we do have a collective responsibility to host them. It will be no different than any other home game you have participated in this season. Which means we will have some set up, operating, break down and hosting duties to attend to . Therefore we will need volunteers to assist us in the day's events.

Rugby Texas has generously donated monies for the officiating crew, and $250.00 for the post game meal. Our budget for the trip is not included in this match as we use all the money (your contribution and the funding from Rugby Texas) for the Colorado trip. So, this being said , we would appreciate any volunteers to assist us in making this a class act for our visitors. Please respond to this email and Joe and Duane will include you in helping us that day.

Thank you in advance for being part of this historic day, as it's the first for a HP team to play a game outside of the tournaments we participate in every year.


Coach Rock

Message from Coach Rock

Now that our teams have been formed I want to reach out to all of you.

Again, congratulations. You all deserve the spot and I am excited to see things come together. To make this experience the best we can it will be very important to work hard and keep your priorities aligned. I realize many of you will be graduating soon. I understand there are many distractions and events that will be pulling you many directions. Time management will be essential if you are to attend to all that is required and fit in your training. Just remember that this is not a Sunday league softball tournament, it's High Performance and you chose to try out, and to participate, You will be held at a higher standard so please prepare yourself accordingly. For the younger players the school year is coming to a close quickly. The same applies to you, prepare yourself! Remember, this team represents not only yourself but your family, your school and the great State of Texas. Do not take this assignment lightly. I can assure you one thing, we will have fun, but it can be even better if we are prepared for battle and perform the best we can.

I have attached the commitment letter for you to read, sign and return to me. You need to keep a copy to review it, daily! The players that have already turned the letter in to me, as instructed, will get a copy back when we meet in Dallas for training.

As Director I couldn't be more pleased with the turnout of players and the desire I saw in your faces this weekend. We have a great group of solid rugby players and with the coaching staff available it will be a great campaign.

Today is the first day of the fitness program that you have in your packet. Please time yourself and text or email me your time after you get done. I also would like a recap weekly from you regarding your fitness training. This is not a request, it's mandatory. Finally, congratulations to the captains of the team, Justin Brown (Varsity) and Gage Aucoin (JV).

Coach Rock

Code of Conduct

HP Fitness

Code of Conduct

Congratulations on making the 2012 High Performance Team for Rugby Texas. As we travel we will represent the great State of Texas and must honor the gentleman's code of ethics. Remember you are not only representing Texas, but you also represent the game of rugby, your school, your family and most importantly yourself.

Although I don't expect any issues regarding conduct, I will say that any breach in conduct will not be tolerated and discipline will be severe, including removal from the team. So, just behave yourself and you have nothing to worry about.

Here is a list of our code.

  1. Be on time, all the time.
  2. No whining. Do your best and be happy for the rest
  3. When any authority figure is speaking you will not.
  4. Respect all people, regardless of their involvement with our program.
  5. Always be courteous to others, especially the opposition. Our goal is to set examples of how it should be. We are the leaders, not the followers
  6. You can never say Thank You too many times
  7. Although foul language seems to be a growing part of the game, it will not be tolerated on this team. Conducting ourselves as gentlemen includes being polite and not using foul language.
  8. The answer to being punched on the field is to walk away and then play harder and smarter. So what if someone nails you, just enjoy the hit and promise to pay back with superior effort and hard tackling (legally).
  9. Proper nutrition! There will be no junk food or unhealthy snacks during the trip. You are the best in Texas and it is your responsibility to fuel your body with the appropriate nutrients. Remember, we are playing the highest level and need to treat our bodies as such.
  10. Curfew every night at the time designated by the coaches. We need our rest! Since we will be rooming with others, please be respectful of their needs. Once the time is delivered, we will be in quiet time, preparing ourselves for the next day and getting adequate sleep.
  11. Absolutely no drugs, no alcohol. I don't suspect that any of you high caliber athletes will be a problem with this, but if you entertain that thought, DON'T. This goes for steroids as well.
  12. Dress attire must be adhered to at all times. We will all be in the same kit/gear, no rebels on this team. We are in fact a team, we will act and look like one.
  13. Each player will be assigned a number. That person will be responsible for the next number following their number. i.e. 1 looks after 2, 2 looks after 3, the last number looks after 1.
  14. Communication. Report anything and everything to the coaches. There will be no secrets on this team. We are traveling, and playing as a family. We share everything. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  15. No girls. Period. This weekend is for mother rugby, that's it!