Sunday June 1 Training at Burr Field Austin

Mandatory High Performance Training will be held Sunday, June 1, 2014 at

Burr Field
6013 Loyola Ln
Austin, TX 78724 ‎

from 10:00AM until 3:00PM (length will be contingent upon performance and execution).

Lunch will be provided.

Please bring water bottles, full rugby gear, including mouthpieces, rugby shorts, cleats and a training jersey, plus some clean clothes for the ride home!

Check your account on this site and see what paperwork you need to bring.

Make sure your initial $100 deposit is paid.

Plus, we will be collecting $200 for the fundraising cards.

Due to fantastic fundraising efforts, the trip cost has been lowered to only $300 a player! Fundraising t-shirts and USA vs Scotland tickets are not included, but this is really great!

More Instructions!

There are just a few more directions for you to follow so that we can get everything straightened out for the trip.

Please login to and:

  1. Make sure all your personal data is correct
  2. Make sure your grade level is correct
  3. Update your short and shirt sizes, you'll want clothes that fit correctly!
  4. Indicate how many tickets to the USA v Scotland game you would be interested in buying.
  5. This is NOT a commitment, just a means to gauge interest. Details below.
  6. Verify that your deposits/payments are correct. If not contact me.
  7. Ensure that your Required Paperwork all says "Yes". More details below.
  8. Ignore the Total Due, this is a rough estimate and will hopefully go down as donations come in.
  9. How many and which size fundraiser shirts you wish to order to sell. Details below.

Your discount cards - Lorenzo Romero, one of the managers is your front man on this fundraiser. Contact him with questions.

When using PayPal, you no longer have to email Joe Kelly, unless you have an issue. I look at the PayPal web site and credit your account from there.

I need your Student Photo ID issued from your school now! If you haven't sent it to me do so immediately. You will also have to bring it with you to Colorado. If you do NOT have a Student Photo ID you will need a photo ID, such as a Drivers License or passport AND a VOE issued from your school. That's a Verification of Enrollment. I need copies of these. They will be required by the tournament director – bottom line is "No ID, No Play".

Please send Joe Kelly copies of your insurance and signed release forms.

I am deeply appreciative of the diligent parents and players who have sent me all the required information already.

USA v Scotland game – we usually get end zone seats for about $25 a piece. It's better to go through us because, we get to sit together, and you save about $5 each in ticket fees. Please put in a number on the rugbytexas site form.

Fundraiser T-Shirts – you are lucky enough to receive 8 free t-shirts to sell and put towards your trip costs. The High Performance Management Team is making even more, better looking shirts to sell, but at a slight cost to you. You will be charged no more than $10 and sell them for $20 reaping a 100% profit to put towards your trip costs.

Thank you for reading all of this and following all the instructions – immediately!

Crowdtilt Fundraising Campaign

Please first post the link to your facebook, email to family and friends and share with anyone that may be able to support the program:

The main idea is to reduce the total cost of your trip by gathering donations. The more we advertise this link, the more donations we will receive and the lower the cost of your trip will be!

The Texas High performance Program aims to give the best selected players in Texas the opportunity to make great changes to lives in the form sporting, social and most notable educational opportunities. Unfortunately, for the players to play on a national stage and represent the state of Texas and have the opportunities it will cost them $500 without support of great generosity.

PayPal is Live!

You may make payments on this site now. PayPal buttons have been added. Make Payment Now!

Joe Kelly must be notified of your online payment to credit your balance. Send Joe Kelly a copy of your receipt by email.

This may also be used for fundraising. Any money paid into PayPal can be credited to your account. Your Great Aunt Lucy in Wyoming can pay from her living room without having to send you a check, buy a raffle ticket or purchase a t-shirt.

The link is on the Navigation menu to the right.

High Performance Money

Right now the total cost of the trip to Colorado is $525. We are working very hard to ensure that this amount does not go up. You will be alerted of any changes to this amount as soon as management discovers anything.

Payment Plan:
May 18 - $200
May 25 - $200 + t-shirt orders + USA/IRE tickets
June 8 – any remainder including t-shirt and raffle tickets
All money MUST be turned in before leaving for Colorado, or your son will NOT be allowed on the bus.

The web site has been set up so that you can see what is owed, what has been paid, and what has been ordered.

Fundraising t-shirts
The cost of the shirts had been underestimated. Due to the fabric (wicking), the player cost will be $10 per shirt. We suggest that the sale price be $20. Thus keeping $10 per shirt sold for the trip. The shirts will be very nice and well worth the money, which, of course, is going to a good cause. We have women style t-shirts. They have a lower neckline, shorter sleeves and are cut to accentuate the feminine figure.

You may login to the web site
and place your orders.

Raffle tickets
We will have more raffle tickets at each of the upcoming events if needed. I can also mail more tickets to your home. Just send me your address with how many tickets you would like.

USA v Ireland Tickets
This great match will be played in BBVA Stadium after our game against Bridgend in Houston on June 8. The tickets are $20 a piece. You may order these on the web site too. Your son will get free entrance, but count him in your order. We will adjust the total to comp his ticket later and just need total numbers for now. Last year we watched the USA v Italy game as a group and I can't tell you how much fun that was. I highly encourage you to make a family outing of the day. Players will be responsible for rides to and from the Bridgend game and BBVA Stadium.

We are in the process of setting up PayPal permitting you to make payments online and have others donate money towards your son's trip. Details will be released next week.

Details on May 18 Training and USA Championships
We will be training in and around the USA Championships in Las Colinas (The polo fields). We have arranged for FREE parking and admission to all families of High Performance players. You MUST have a High Performance player in your car to take advantage of the offer. We ask that parents and siblings volunteer to assist with the tournament. I suggest asking for a field assignment, siblings should ask to man the scoreboards. You will be better able to watch the games. Food and drink will be available for purchase. There are some specific rules. Please see the web site post about them.
If you are spending the night, please use one of the sponsoring hotels on the web site. The hotel tax is how we pay the city back for the field use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joe Kelly by email.

Fundraising for the Trip

Texas High Performance Rugby T-Shirts. WARNING: ROYAL BLUE ONLY!!! But we also have ladies styles too, but only in blue. We took a parental vote at the last trials and it was not unanimous, but definetely unopposed - Royal Blue the winner and the only color for shirts this year. They will be the same fabric, and probably same brand, as the gray HP shirts handed out Sunday.

Here's how it works...

You take orders from family and friends, collecting $15 per shirt. You let us know how many shirts you can sell. We sell you the shirt at cost and you sell the shirt for $15 to use the remaining $$ for your trip. Estimated cost per shirt to you is around $8

If you sell 10 shirts, you can make close to $70! That will go a long way to reducing your family's out of pocket expenses.

We will let you know as soon as you can order online.

If you need more Tackling Cancer raffle tickets, email Coach Joe Kelly the number of additional tickets desired and your mailing address. We drop them in the mail for you.

How Much Will This Trip Cost Me?

Balances have been sent out by email to everyone for whom we had email addresses. If you have not received the total amount due June 10 in Austin, please contact Mr. Kelly.

Now you may ask..... What are the extra charges?

If you ordered a jersey, that's $50 = Jersey $

If you ordered t-shirts to sell as fund raisers, they are $7 a piece. You sell them for $15 and have $8 to help with the trip costs. We will not accept unsold t-shirts, they are yours to keep or sell. You must pay for all t-shirts ordered.
$7.00 X (number of t-shirts ordered) = Total T-Shirt $

If you took raffle tickets, you must bring back the stubs! and $5 for each ticket. You should have sold them for $10 each, putting the other $5 towards your trip costs. If you have unsold raffle tickets, bring those back. You will not be charged for unsold raffle tickets, but you will be charged for lost, missing or unreturned raffle tickets.
$5.00 X (# of raffle tickets sold or not returned) = Total Raffle Ticket $

USA / Italy? What's that? If you ordered tickets to the international match in Houston, June 23, then this is where you will see that cost. They are $25 per ticket. Buying them at the group rate saved you the 18% surcharges. A bargain. $25 X (number of tickets ordered) = Total USA/Italy $

The trip itself costs $500. Your $100 deposit is noted and deducted from the total.

Hopefully you sold enough t-shirts and raffle tickets to reduce the out of pocket payment to nothing!

The toal amount you will turn in:
$500 + Total T-Shirt $ + Total Raffle Ticket $ + Total USA/Italy $ - Deposit Paid = Trip Total

Please make checks out to "Rugby Texas".

If you have any questions, contact Mr. Kelly.

All Payments Due 6/10

The final payment for your trip is due Sunday, June 10, at the Burr Field Austin practice. The trip total is $500. If you paid your $100 deposit, only $400 will be expected in Austin.

Your T-Shirt order money is due 6/10 too. Unfortunately, your cost per shirt is $7 and NOT the $6 previously quoted. We tried to get that cost down as low as we could. You still should make $8 per shirt sale to benefit your trip.

We will take ticket sales at this time too. All bills should be settled in Austin, Sunday, June 10.

USA vs Italy - we have enough numbers to buy a block of group tickets. We are still organizing seating and ticket cost. We WILL be announced on the field at half time.

The good news is that you will be receiving your kit for the trip. You will be impressed with your package of goods.

Required clothing needed for the trip:
1. Khaki shorts
2. Long kahki pants
3. clean tennis shoes
4. Your Rugby Texas High Performance kit.

On the bus trip to Colorado, you will be expected to wear your complimentary High Performance T-shirt.

The coaches or managers will let you know exactly which clothes you will be wearing at any point in time, on the bus, going to dinner, team meetings, training, etc. It's up to you to pay attention.

Fund Raiser T-Shirts

We are ready to take orders for Texas High Performance Rugby T-Shirts. They come in red, white and royal blue, we also have ladies styles too.

Here's how it works...

You take orders from family and friends, collecting $15 per shirt. You let us know how many shirts you can sell. You give us $6 per shirt ordered and use the remaining $9 for your trip.

If you sell 10 shirts, you can make close to $100! That will go a long way to reducing your family's out of pocket expenses.

We will start taking orders this Sunday. You may also email Mr. Kelly joekellyhp(at) with the number of shirts you would like to order. Send him number of each, color, size and male or female.