Required for Dallas Training May 17, 2014

I will need copies of the following to provide to USA Rugby. Please sign the forms. They can be scanned, copied, photographed and emailed to me, Joe Kelly, in digital format or placed in my hand as hard copies. They can be faxed too, if people still do that.

Ensure Rugby Texas Registration is Correct!
You will have to make positively sure that everything is filled out correctly on your profile. Fill this out as completely as possible. The link is on the menu to the right or Player Login. This information is used for EVERYTHING. We use this to contact you, make sure you are actually on the squad, buy your tickets and room, and we give this to the USA selectors.

Valid 2013-2014 Student ID with Photo
If your son does NOT have a student ID, then he will need a document from the student registrar proving enrollment AND a photo ID.

Medical Release and Consent to Treat Forms
The forms is an attachment and can be downloaded by clicking on the "download attachment" link at the bottom of this posting. It's in small letters.

Please ensure that your son has these forms along with their government issued IDs and/or birth certificate(if your son has only a school ID). Bringing your insurance card is a good idea too.

$5 for lunch

Extra cash
The USA National Championships will be going on, you may want to buy some rugby merchandise or some more food.

Personal Hydration and Nutrition
Water and lunch will be provided but you may want to bring your own drinks or healthy snacks for during the day.

Preparation for Colorado

From Coach Rock:


We are at critical stage in our preparation for Colorado. We obviously have emphasized fitness over and over again. Another component that will benefit you is proper nutrition. Food is fuel for your body and we should be very careful with the types of food we are consuming. To play at the best level you are capable of you MUST put the best fuel into your system. Foods loaded with sugar (junk food, soda, candy, etc) and fatty foods will not enhance your performance. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, etc will!

Begin the elimination of crap food so that when we travel to Colorado and I enforce the NO JUNKFOOD/CANDY RULE you will already be prepared. If you are unfamiliar with that rule it's simple, only healthy foods make the journey to Colorado on the bus. Any unhealthy food (deemed by me) will be confiscated and thrown out. Don't waste your time buying it or you money bringing it as it will be tossed!

Saturday, May 25, we have a very important training session. The goal is to begin at 10am and conclude by 1pm. Of course this all depends on our focus and attention to detail during the training. So, please come mentally and physically prepared to work hard. We will be doing contact so it's essential to bring your mouth guard with you.

Also, wear your grey issued HP shirt to training. If you do not have your shirt on when you train you WILL NOT TRAIN! Be on time, period. Also, make sure you read your Letter of Commitment daily.

See you Saturday, Coach Rock

After Memorial Day

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. And what I mean by that is that the training was done and you just couldn't get enough! We are closing in on the trip to Colorado. Fitness is essential. Please don't take this for granted, you MUST be fit to compete. It is your responsibility to be rugby ready for yourself and more importantly your team. Remember, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" (John Wooden). Also, proper nutrition is critical at this stage of the game. Fueling your body is not an event based deal, it's something you should already be doing in preparation for your training and the tournament. I understand that everyone is out of school (or close to it) but don't let this interrupt your schedule, proper rest is also very important.

You should have already paid a $100.00 confirmation fee. If not, please do so immediately. And, get those tickets sold, the more you sell the less you will have to come out of pocket. If you need more tickets, just let us know.

From here on out, think like a rugby world class athlete, think like a champion, train like one, eat like one, conduct yourself as if. "I think therefore I am".

The next practice is set for Sunday June 10th from 10am to 2pm, in Austin Texas at Burr Field.

If you need anything just email or call. Oh, and I need one thing, your 3 mile time. I have received a few but need results from EVERYONE!

Coach Rock


This is the most important preparation you can do to promote to your overall performance. In order for you to effectively train you have to have the appropriate fuel for your mission.

Here are a few rules to follow; eliminate sugar, it's very bad for you. Reduce your sodium intake. Limit your carbohydrates, eat more protein to maintain muscle mass while enduring the fitness regimen.

Breakfast should be more of a carb load, with some protein. The ratio should be 70/20/10. 70% carbs, 20% protein, 10% fats

Lunch is more of a 50/40/10, with 50% being protein

Dinner is mostly protein, probably 80/10/10.

Snacks should be consumed all day long, the more you eat the more energy you will have for your training sessions.

Approved list
Protein shakes (raw eggs are great substitutes for powders that may contain sugar).
Raw vegetables
Fresh fruit
Fresh fish
Organic, grass fed beef, no antibiotics or hormones
Nuts, grains, legumes

Example of a typical day....

4 egg whites, oatmeal, 2 slices whole wheat or whole grain toast with organic honey and cinnamon, fruit

Mid morning snack
Some type of protein bar, some fruit or better yet, raw veggies

Salad with chicken (strip that are roasted or baked), organic dressing or oil/vinegar, lots of colors in the salad, fruits accent the meal nicely. Or baked chicken or fish.

Afternoon snack
Protein shake, protein bar, lots of fruit prior to training
After training, carb up again to replenish what was spent

Some type of meat, fresh raw vegetable, rice (organic)
Late snack, something healthy