One More Form!

USA Rugby has just sprung another requirement on us. There is one more form to be filled out. It's similar to the release forms signed earlier, but for USA Rugby.

Please print, sign and email as soon as humanly possible. I'll see if I can print off a whole bunch for the game tomorrow. Please have parents available to sign, if at all possible.

There's a little link just below this post. Please click on the link below that says "Download Attachment".Download attachment.

School Photo ID Requirements!

I need your Student Photo ID issued from your school now! If you haven't sent it to me do so immediately. You will also have to bring it with you to Colorado. If you do NOT have a Student Photo ID you will need a photo ID, such as a Drivers License or passport AND a VOE issued from your school. That's a Verification of Enrollment. I need copies of these. They will be required by the tournament director – bottom line is "No ID, No Play".

Please send Joe Kelly copies of your insurance and signed release forms. Release Forms

Sunday June 1 Training at Burr Field Austin

Mandatory High Performance Training will be held Sunday, June 1, 2014 at

Burr Field
6013 Loyola Ln
Austin, TX 78724 ‎

from 10:00AM until 3:00PM (length will be contingent upon performance and execution).

Lunch will be provided.

Please bring water bottles, full rugby gear, including mouthpieces, rugby shorts, cleats and a training jersey, plus some clean clothes for the ride home!

Check your account on this site and see what paperwork you need to bring.

Make sure your initial $100 deposit is paid.

Plus, we will be collecting $200 for the fundraising cards.

Due to fantastic fundraising efforts, the trip cost has been lowered to only $300 a player! Fundraising t-shirts and USA vs Scotland tickets are not included, but this is really great!

More Instructions!

There are just a few more directions for you to follow so that we can get everything straightened out for the trip.

Please login to and:

  1. Make sure all your personal data is correct
  2. Make sure your grade level is correct
  3. Update your short and shirt sizes, you'll want clothes that fit correctly!
  4. Indicate how many tickets to the USA v Scotland game you would be interested in buying.
  5. This is NOT a commitment, just a means to gauge interest. Details below.
  6. Verify that your deposits/payments are correct. If not contact me.
  7. Ensure that your Required Paperwork all says "Yes". More details below.
  8. Ignore the Total Due, this is a rough estimate and will hopefully go down as donations come in.
  9. How many and which size fundraiser shirts you wish to order to sell. Details below.

Your discount cards - Lorenzo Romero, one of the managers is your front man on this fundraiser. Contact him with questions.

When using PayPal, you no longer have to email Joe Kelly, unless you have an issue. I look at the PayPal web site and credit your account from there.

I need your Student Photo ID issued from your school now! If you haven't sent it to me do so immediately. You will also have to bring it with you to Colorado. If you do NOT have a Student Photo ID you will need a photo ID, such as a Drivers License or passport AND a VOE issued from your school. That's a Verification of Enrollment. I need copies of these. They will be required by the tournament director – bottom line is "No ID, No Play".

Please send Joe Kelly copies of your insurance and signed release forms.

I am deeply appreciative of the diligent parents and players who have sent me all the required information already.

USA v Scotland game – we usually get end zone seats for about $25 a piece. It's better to go through us because, we get to sit together, and you save about $5 each in ticket fees. Please put in a number on the rugbytexas site form.

Fundraiser T-Shirts – you are lucky enough to receive 8 free t-shirts to sell and put towards your trip costs. The High Performance Management Team is making even more, better looking shirts to sell, but at a slight cost to you. You will be charged no more than $10 and sell them for $20 reaping a 100% profit to put towards your trip costs.

Thank you for reading all of this and following all the instructions – immediately!

Required for Dallas Training May 17, 2014

I will need copies of the following to provide to USA Rugby. Please sign the forms. They can be scanned, copied, photographed and emailed to me, Joe Kelly, in digital format or placed in my hand as hard copies. They can be faxed too, if people still do that.

Ensure Rugby Texas Registration is Correct!
You will have to make positively sure that everything is filled out correctly on your profile. Fill this out as completely as possible. The link is on the menu to the right or Player Login. This information is used for EVERYTHING. We use this to contact you, make sure you are actually on the squad, buy your tickets and room, and we give this to the USA selectors.

Valid 2013-2014 Student ID with Photo
If your son does NOT have a student ID, then he will need a document from the student registrar proving enrollment AND a photo ID.

Medical Release and Consent to Treat Forms
The forms is an attachment and can be downloaded by clicking on the "download attachment" link at the bottom of this posting. It's in small letters.

Please ensure that your son has these forms along with their government issued IDs and/or birth certificate(if your son has only a school ID). Bringing your insurance card is a good idea too.

$5 for lunch

Extra cash
The USA National Championships will be going on, you may want to buy some rugby merchandise or some more food.

Personal Hydration and Nutrition
Water and lunch will be provided but you may want to bring your own drinks or healthy snacks for during the day.

Colorado Travel & Weekend Attire

Training grey tshirt
Bus trip and dinner for Thursday – Rugby Texas fundraiser t-shirt
Friday bus ride-RT blue addidas t-shirt
Friday Team Dinner-RT polo and khaki slacks
Sat and Sun wear grey HP t-shirt to the grounds
Sat Dinner-blue addidas t-shirts

Absolutely NO PLAYERS ALLOWED ON THE BUS until Coach Joe Kelly gives the say so. All kit bags go below, only a small bag allowed on the bus. It will be crowded! Ear phones is the item most kids forget. No junk food or face the wrath of Coach Rock.

Parental Issues handled Thursday Morning at Jesuit:
Fundraiser T-shirts and rugby shorts - see Coach Tiny to purchase or exchange. This is low priority for management, be considerate. The other items in the kit are all we have. The players should try and make arrangements to swap out with each other on sizes. They have a long bus ride to do so.
Money - see Coach Joe Kelly - this is HIGH priority! We do want to let you on the bus, so make sure your are paid up!

Parent Volunteers
We will need volunteers to assist with some minor last minute things such as loading a few items in and on the bus, maybe a run to the store. Possibly handle fundraiser t-shirt exchange and purchase.

Message from Coach Rock about Bridgend


One week to go before our first match. I am trusting that all of you are maintaining your fitness training and improving every day. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you the details of the day for next Saturday (June 8th).

All players need to arrive to the field by 9:00am. The JV team will begin training promptly at 9am so don't stroll up at 9. The varsity will then begin preparation for the game. I will have an agenda for you later next week.

JV will train for one hour and then get a shower, then watch the varsity.

Varsity will follow the agenda and play the game and shower after the match is done. The entire team will be hosting Bridgend so we all need to be there for post game activities.

When we are through with the festivities we will all be going to the Eagles match. So, it will be a fun filled day of rugby.

Please bring your training gear with you as we MUST look the part. Every player will be in their grey issued HP trainer. Also, BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL AND TOILETRIES FOR SHOWERING.

All monies for the trip MUST be provided for you to receive your official RT-HPP kit. We will be getting this on that day. We also will be in the same shirt for the Eagle game. Please wear khaki shorts for the game, the shirts will be provided from your kit.

Coach Rock

Last Chance to Order T-Shirts - other info too

It's last chance to order T-shirts! Please go online at
and order fundraiser t-shirts. Recommended are at least 3 shirts per player, to keep and trade. Players will wish to make trades at the Bridgend game and always at the tournament. The t-shirts are extremely valuable for trading. Don't forget that each player makes $10 on each shirt sold (does not keep)! If your son's trip is paid, this will make easy pocket money.

If the site is NOT coming up, please send me an email right away so that I may fix.

If the site is working, order t-shirts and check your balance. Make sure that all money paid was correctly attributed. Please contact me with any issues. Note: the number of raffle tickets sold is displayed and the total bill is adjusted. The remainder of the balance will be collected June 8 and all raffle tickets will be turned in at that time. My mailing address is 1106 N. Maryland, Carrollton, TX 75006.

PayPal is now on the web site – See "PayPal" under Navigation on the right. Email me you r receipt so that it may be applied to your balance.

IDs!!!! I need a copy of your son's student ID. Either, scan and email to me, photograph and email to me, or copy and fax to 972-242-2071 care ofJoe Kelly. Copies of insurance cards are optional but recommended.

Memorize the playbook!

June 8 weekend schedule
9:00AM – All players to meet at St. Thomas HS (link) Granger Stadium.
        JV – dressed and ready to train by 9:00AM wearing gray shirts.
        Varsity – start getting dressed, taped and game prep
        Parents make final payments to Joe Kelly
10:AM - Varsity warm up
        JV showers
11:00AM Kick off
1:00PM – BBQ for Bridgend and HP players and family
2:00PM – parents and players help tear down pitch and clean up post BBQ.
        AFTER cleanup, Players dismissed to meet up at BBBVA Stadium for USA v IRE game and festivities – on own recognizance.

Bridgend Game

Varsity Parents,

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of the privilege we have hosting the Bridgend team from Wales. This is going to be a very good team with many representative players involved, some that may be playing for Wales in the very near future. The tour they have will take them around Texas, ending in Houston to play our team and watch the Eagles game. They will be saving their best players for us as we are the Rugby Texas team, the best in the state.

As in any other home game, we do have a collective responsibility to host them. It will be no different than any other home game you have participated in this season. Which means we will have some set up, operating, break down and hosting duties to attend to . Therefore we will need volunteers to assist us in the day's events.

Rugby Texas has generously donated monies for the officiating crew, and $250.00 for the post game meal. Our budget for the trip is not included in this match as we use all the money (your contribution and the funding from Rugby Texas) for the Colorado trip. So, this being said , we would appreciate any volunteers to assist us in making this a class act for our visitors. Please respond to this email and Joe and Duane will include you in helping us that day.

Thank you in advance for being part of this historic day, as it's the first for a HP team to play a game outside of the tournaments we participate in every year.


Coach Rock

PayPal is Live!

You may make payments on this site now. PayPal buttons have been added. Make Payment Now!

Joe Kelly must be notified of your online payment to credit your balance. Send Joe Kelly a copy of your receipt by email.

This may also be used for fundraising. Any money paid into PayPal can be credited to your account. Your Great Aunt Lucy in Wyoming can pay from her living room without having to send you a check, buy a raffle ticket or purchase a t-shirt.

The link is on the Navigation menu to the right.

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