Important Training 5/25 Kingwood High School

Final Practice at Kingwood High School

10am - 1pm

Bring Mouthguard, lunch money $5, remainder of your trip money, gray HP shirt.

Kingwood High School
2701 Kingwood Dr, Kingwood, TX

Valid School IDs Mandatory for Tournament

Either, scan and email to me, photograph and email to me, or copy and fax to 972-242-2071 care of Joe Kelly. Copies of insurance cards are optional but recommended.

Because USARugby has designated these RASTs as high school All Star tournaments (as opposed to U-19 or U-17 as in the past), proof of age is no longer required. At check-in, each player will be required to present a valid high school ID for the 2012-2103 school year. There can be no exceptions to this requirement. We also ask that each side present a roster with the names of all players listed in alphabetical order to facilitate check-in.

Please note, the statement, "There can be no exceptions to this requirement."

I highly suggest that your son obtain a school ID. It would be unfortunate that he travel all the way there and not play due to failure to provide proper paperwork.


Clarification on eligibility from Kurt Weaver, the Director of Youth & High School Rugby for USA Rugby.

Bottom line is that if your son does NOT have a student ID, then he will need a document from the student registrar proving enrollment AND a photo ID.


1.) All Players MUST be in high school during the 12-13 school year; no 8th graders and no college freshmen (8th graders are not allowed to play high school rugby at any time, but if there is a middle school tier at the RAST, they are welcome to play in that).

2.) Players are too old, and not allowed to play if they turned 19 before September 1, 2012. Again, they first must be enrolled in HS, then this age limit is applied.

3.) The 'VARSITY' tier consists of HS Juniors and Seniors for the school year 12-13 (meaning this school year we are in).

4.) The 'JR VARSITY' tier consists of HS Freshmen and Sophomores for the school year 12-13.

5.) Only the EXCEPTIONAL sophomore should play up with the varsity team, meaning 1 or 2 per state, if that. Likely you will talk to Coach Salty or Coach Danielle to discuss these players before playing them up.

6.) Proof of HS enrollment is required, a school ID or document from their registrar with a picture ID.

7.) Players will be selected for the High School All American Stars and Stripes game from the RAST events ONLY. There were no selections done at the HS national invitational tournaments, etc. Player must be in attendance at one of the RAST events to be considered.

8.)All players must be registered with USA Rugby, and coaches must be registered and certified with USA Rugby.

Preparation for Colorado

From Coach Rock:


We are at critical stage in our preparation for Colorado. We obviously have emphasized fitness over and over again. Another component that will benefit you is proper nutrition. Food is fuel for your body and we should be very careful with the types of food we are consuming. To play at the best level you are capable of you MUST put the best fuel into your system. Foods loaded with sugar (junk food, soda, candy, etc) and fatty foods will not enhance your performance. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, etc will!

Begin the elimination of crap food so that when we travel to Colorado and I enforce the NO JUNKFOOD/CANDY RULE you will already be prepared. If you are unfamiliar with that rule it's simple, only healthy foods make the journey to Colorado on the bus. Any unhealthy food (deemed by me) will be confiscated and thrown out. Don't waste your time buying it or you money bringing it as it will be tossed!

Saturday, May 25, we have a very important training session. The goal is to begin at 10am and conclude by 1pm. Of course this all depends on our focus and attention to detail during the training. So, please come mentally and physically prepared to work hard. We will be doing contact so it's essential to bring your mouth guard with you.

Also, wear your grey issued HP shirt to training. If you do not have your shirt on when you train you WILL NOT TRAIN! Be on time, period. Also, make sure you read your Letter of Commitment daily.

See you Saturday, Coach Rock

High Performance Money

Right now the total cost of the trip to Colorado is $525. We are working very hard to ensure that this amount does not go up. You will be alerted of any changes to this amount as soon as management discovers anything.

Payment Plan:
May 18 - $200
May 25 - $200 + t-shirt orders + USA/IRE tickets
June 8 – any remainder including t-shirt and raffle tickets
All money MUST be turned in before leaving for Colorado, or your son will NOT be allowed on the bus.

The web site has been set up so that you can see what is owed, what has been paid, and what has been ordered.

Fundraising t-shirts
The cost of the shirts had been underestimated. Due to the fabric (wicking), the player cost will be $10 per shirt. We suggest that the sale price be $20. Thus keeping $10 per shirt sold for the trip. The shirts will be very nice and well worth the money, which, of course, is going to a good cause. We have women style t-shirts. They have a lower neckline, shorter sleeves and are cut to accentuate the feminine figure.

You may login to the web site
and place your orders.

Raffle tickets
We will have more raffle tickets at each of the upcoming events if needed. I can also mail more tickets to your home. Just send me your address with how many tickets you would like.

USA v Ireland Tickets
This great match will be played in BBVA Stadium after our game against Bridgend in Houston on June 8. The tickets are $20 a piece. You may order these on the web site too. Your son will get free entrance, but count him in your order. We will adjust the total to comp his ticket later and just need total numbers for now. Last year we watched the USA v Italy game as a group and I can't tell you how much fun that was. I highly encourage you to make a family outing of the day. Players will be responsible for rides to and from the Bridgend game and BBVA Stadium.

We are in the process of setting up PayPal permitting you to make payments online and have others donate money towards your son's trip. Details will be released next week.

Details on May 18 Training and USA Championships
We will be training in and around the USA Championships in Las Colinas (The polo fields). We have arranged for FREE parking and admission to all families of High Performance players. You MUST have a High Performance player in your car to take advantage of the offer. We ask that parents and siblings volunteer to assist with the tournament. I suggest asking for a field assignment, siblings should ask to man the scoreboards. You will be better able to watch the games. Food and drink will be available for purchase. There are some specific rules. Please see the web site post about them.
If you are spending the night, please use one of the sponsoring hotels on the web site. The hotel tax is how we pay the city back for the field use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joe Kelly by email.

Training in Dallas on Saturday May 18th

Training in Dallas on Saturday May 18th Location will be just north of the Polo Fields were the USA Rugby Sweet 16 Tournament is being played.

700 E Royal Ln
Irving, TX 75039
Las Colinas Polo Grounds

One you enter the polo grounds turn left over the bridge (the speed bumps are killer!) and turn left again. Park under the bridge if you can. We will be practicing just on the other side of the bridge.

We will begin at 9am sharp. Please wear your grey HP issued shirt. From 9am-10am we will train hard on fitness. Please show up fit! At 10am we will go watch some rugby for a rest and an 11:00am lunch.

At noon we will begin training again (location either the same or another pitch nearby, we will let you know) and go until 3pm.

Once we are done you are welcome to go home or go watch some more rugby It is required that you all show up for training.

Also, if you can't scan your commitment letter to Coach Rock, copy it and bring one to the practice session. You need to keep a copy.

Coach Rock appreciates all those choosing to comply and send him the required times. Also, thanks for the commitment letters to date. Please make sure you are reading the commitment letters daily to reinforce your vow.


Special notes about the practice location:

We will be practicing right next to the USA National Championship playoffs. You will see the best teams in the USA competing. There are 3 teams from Texas!

BUT....... Certain rules will be in effect.

Parking is $10 per vehicle. This provides free admission to all games for each person in the vehicle.

No coolers allowed. If you bring a cooler it must stay in your car. The tournament will provide water and ice. There will be food and drink available for purchase.

You may volunteer to assist the with the tournament. If you have a volunteer in your car you get free parking. Volunteer parking is in a different place but is easier to get in and out and no charge for reentry. Go to
and sign up for something. As of this writing, there are plenty of open opportunities in Parking. This might be something a sibling or bored parent may want to do during the day.

Hotels, if you would like to spend the night Friday and/or Saturday. This sheet has details on the hotels and how to ask for the special rugby room rate.
There is one addition to this list:
$69/night plus tax (15%):
Hilton Garden Inn Las Colinas
7516 Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, TX 75063
Call 972 444-8434 and ask for the "USA Rugby room block," to make reservations.

More Invitational Trial Info

We are looking forward to seeing the Invited players at the Rugby Texas High Performance Trials, this Saturday, May 4, at Burr Field in Austin.

Burr Field
6013 Loyola
Lane Austin, Texas 78724

rugby shorts,

Selections will be made after a hard day of training and scrimmages. You will be required to stay until the selections are announced. Leaving early will disqualify you from any chance of selection.

If you are selected you will be required to:
Return Sunday to Burr Field Sunday, May 5, at 10:00AM.
Provide a $100 deposit, demonstrating your financial commitment.
Attend the HP training camps
   May 18, Dallas
   May 25, Houston
   Possible other training sessions TBD - we will notify ASAP.

On Sunday we collect your $100 deposit and you will be provided player packets and some general information about what is in store for you. What is expected, requirements, various details.

Keep up with the latest details on: (Rugby Texas Academy & High Performance)

Invitational Trials May 4th

The Invitational Trials will be held May 4th 10:00AM at Burr Field in Austin. You must have been invited by Coach Rock to attend this INVITATION ONLY trial. If you tried out at Texas A&M and have not heard from Coach Rock whether you made the team or not, please contact him immediately.

Date: Saturday May 4th, 2013
Time: 10:00am until the team is selected
Location: Austin, Texas Burr Field

Burr Field
6013 Loyola
Lane Austin, Texas 78724

Please wear proper rugby attire. The field is natural so include accommodating boots. You must have a mouth guard. Bring water, snacks and anything else you feel necessary for a long, physical day. If you are selected for the team (JV or Varsity) you will need to be at training the following day, so please be prepared. And, if you are selected you will be required to submit a $100.00 deposit.

Please note that this is a tryout for the team. We will be selecting representative players from this day to play in Houston on June 8th and travel and play in Denver, Colorado from June 13th through June 16th. You must be available on those dates to qualify for selection. Also, there will be practices on either Saturday or Sunday, every weekend in May. You must also attend these training sessions to prepare for the games. We will have the practice schedule decided by the trials and it will be included in the player packets.

You must also have registered online and ensure that your information is correct and up to date. Do NOT register twice! Check to see if you can log in first .

You must have also notified Coach Rock of your intentions. (accept or decline)

Rugby Texas HP Open Trials

Sunday, April 14th, Open Trials for Rugby Texas High Performance Rugby team will be held at

Central Park, College Station, Texas 77840
- map.

Time: 10AM to 1PM

The trials will NOT be held on the A&M campus! But close! And it is the day AFTER the Gareth Jones Tournament held at A&M.

You MUST REGISTER to tryout.

If you have registered for the Academy Schools already, registering for the trials is not necessary. Unsure? Login at If you cannot login, you have not registered and MUST do so to try out.

You will not need the waiver signed to tryout for HP but will need the waiver signed to play in the Gareth Jones Tournament. That is attached just below where it says Download Attachment.

What You Need to Tryout

  1. to be registered
  2. mouthpiece
  3. rugby jersey
  4. rugby shorts
  5. water
  6. food/snack

What's Next?
Invitational tryouts will be held in Austin, Saturday, May 4th. You may attend if you make the cut on April 14 and get invited to Austin for the next phase of the process. Further selections will be made that day and a practice will be held for the remaining players on Sunday May 5. See the Schedule for details.

Reminder to Register

Please register for the Academies online It's super easy and more importantly, if you do NOT register, you do NOT exist.

A few of you have registered twice. You don't need to do that. Just register once and we will keep attendance based on your initial registration. If you want to update some information, for example, add your CIPP, or change your weight because you've been working out so hard, just log in using your last name and birthdate.

Make sure your friends have registered too. See you Sunday!

Bring cleats, rugby jersey and mouthguard!

Cross Fit Training

Here are some log sheets to keep track of your cross fit training. See the attachments below.

Cross 10.doc
Cross 11.doc
Cross 13.doc
Cross 16.doc

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