The Play Book

This MS Word document outlines just about everything we will covering this season.
(it is at the bottom of this post - click on "Download Attachment")

It includes:

  • Principles of Team Play
  • Decision Making
  • Players' Roles
  • Strategies
  • Plays
  • Defensive Plays
  • Calls

It is a "must read" for players and coaches. Do your homework and read it! If you don't understand parts of it, we will explain it. You will physically execute these concepts so do NOT be caught unprepared! READ IT!!

Hopefully, we will have some printed copies at the next North HP Academy School for the printer impaired.
(it is at the bottom of this post - click on "Download Attachment")

And again, READ IT!!

Rugby Training Videos

Coach Bill Taute has put together several groups of videos which cover a lot of the topics we will be teaching this season. Everything from dynamic stretching, body postion and core strength, scrummaging, rucking and ball presentation, defense and more.

Defense - learn the basic tenants of our defensive strategy

Ruck, Tackle and Ball Presentation - Man on Fire and rucking drills that we covered at the last Academy School

Dynamic Stretching - We do this at the start of every school

Scrummaging - everyone should watch these, learn about core strength and proper body positioning and become a better rugby player

Register for HP Academies Now

You can register for the High Performance Academy Schools online. Do it as soon as you can, like right now! You will be able to come back later and update after initially filling out the form.

You must do this to continue/participate in the HP Academy Schools. We'll be using this information to track your attendance. If you are not in the system, you did not attend any schools (as far as we know) and might not even exist.

Here's the link:

Do it now!

Required Medical Forms


We just found that medical release forms, along with a few others, will have to be filled out and brought to Jesuit.

We know you've been inundated with requests and we appreciate your patience and compliance.

The forms is an attachment and can be downloaded by clicking on the "download attachment" link at the bottom of this posting. It's in small letters.

Please ensure that your son has these forms along with their government issued IDs and/or birth certificate(if your son has only a school ID). Bringing your insurance card is a good idea too.

For the next 24 hours, it would be a good idea to regularly check the web site for any late breaking news.

I apologize for the last minute requirements, we are doing the best we can.

Identification Needed to Play

We have to prepare a CIPP book containing a copy of a government issued photo ID with a birth date. Please take a photo of your son's driver's license or passport and email it to Joe Kelly immediately. If your son does not have either of those, then a school photo ID and a birth certificate are required. I need this now as the book will be prepared Tuesday night and NOT in Denver. Please ensure that these important documents are also brought with the player to Denver. It would be a shame to make the trip and be unable to play because of a forgotten drivers license and failure to send me a copy.

Yes, more details. Clean tennis shoes, nice belt (number ones will be tucked in) and preferably no cargo pants or side pockets on either shorts or slacks. If that's all you have than OK, but preference is for a neat, clean, respectable representation of Texas.

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