One More Form!

USA Rugby has just sprung another requirement on us. There is one more form to be filled out. It's similar to the release forms signed earlier, but for USA Rugby.

Please print, sign and email as soon as humanly possible. I'll see if I can print off a whole bunch for the game tomorrow. Please have parents available to sign, if at all possible.

There's a little link just below this post. Please click on the link below that says "Download Attachment".Download attachment.

School Photo ID Requirements!

I need your Student Photo ID issued from your school now! If you haven't sent it to me do so immediately. You will also have to bring it with you to Colorado. If you do NOT have a Student Photo ID you will need a photo ID, such as a Drivers License or passport AND a VOE issued from your school. That's a Verification of Enrollment. I need copies of these. They will be required by the tournament director – bottom line is "No ID, No Play".

Please send Joe Kelly copies of your insurance and signed release forms. Release Forms

2014 Colorado Trip Itinerary

WEDNESDAY June 11, 2014

8.00am Pick up location for Houston Players

The Woodlands Mall
1201 Lake Woodlands Dr.
The Woodlands TX, 77380

8.15am Depart for Dallas

12.30 Arrive at

Jesuit School of Dallas
12345 Inwood RD
Dallas, TX

1.30- 4.30pm Practice

4.45pm- Shower

5.15pm Meeting & Dinner TBD

8.00pm Depart for Denver

THURSDAY June 12, 2014

Closed Team Day

FRIDAY June 13, 2014

Closed Team Day

SATURDAY June 14, 2014

7.00am Breakfast at Hotel in Team Meeting Room

8.00am Depart on Bus for field

9.00am Opening Ceremonies

5pm on Bus TBD

6.00-8.00pm Dinner TBD

10.09pm Curfew

SUNDAY June 15, 2014

7.00am Breakfast

8.00am Depart for Field

9.00am Games TBD

3.00pm Closing Ceremonies

5.00pm Dinner at Hotel

7.00pm Depart for Dallas

MONDAY June 16, 2014

8-9.00am Arrive at Jesuit in Dallas, TX

1.00pm Arrive at Woodlands Mall

More Instructions!

There are just a few more directions for you to follow so that we can get everything straightened out for the trip.

Please login to and:

  1. Make sure all your personal data is correct
  2. Make sure your grade level is correct
  3. Update your short and shirt sizes, you'll want clothes that fit correctly!
  4. Indicate how many tickets to the USA v Scotland game you would be interested in buying.
  5. This is NOT a commitment, just a means to gauge interest. Details below.
  6. Verify that your deposits/payments are correct. If not contact me.
  7. Ensure that your Required Paperwork all says "Yes". More details below.
  8. Ignore the Total Due, this is a rough estimate and will hopefully go down as donations come in.
  9. How many and which size fundraiser shirts you wish to order to sell. Details below.

Your discount cards - Lorenzo Romero, one of the managers is your front man on this fundraiser. Contact him with questions.

When using PayPal, you no longer have to email Joe Kelly, unless you have an issue. I look at the PayPal web site and credit your account from there.

I need your Student Photo ID issued from your school now! If you haven't sent it to me do so immediately. You will also have to bring it with you to Colorado. If you do NOT have a Student Photo ID you will need a photo ID, such as a Drivers License or passport AND a VOE issued from your school. That's a Verification of Enrollment. I need copies of these. They will be required by the tournament director – bottom line is "No ID, No Play".

Please send Joe Kelly copies of your insurance and signed release forms.

I am deeply appreciative of the diligent parents and players who have sent me all the required information already.

USA v Scotland game – we usually get end zone seats for about $25 a piece. It's better to go through us because, we get to sit together, and you save about $5 each in ticket fees. Please put in a number on the rugbytexas site form.

Fundraiser T-Shirts – you are lucky enough to receive 8 free t-shirts to sell and put towards your trip costs. The High Performance Management Team is making even more, better looking shirts to sell, but at a slight cost to you. You will be charged no more than $10 and sell them for $20 reaping a 100% profit to put towards your trip costs.

Thank you for reading all of this and following all the instructions – immediately!

Colorado Travel & Weekend Attire

Training grey tshirt
Bus trip and dinner for Thursday – Rugby Texas fundraiser t-shirt
Friday bus ride-RT blue addidas t-shirt
Friday Team Dinner-RT polo and khaki slacks
Sat and Sun wear grey HP t-shirt to the grounds
Sat Dinner-blue addidas t-shirts

Absolutely NO PLAYERS ALLOWED ON THE BUS until Coach Joe Kelly gives the say so. All kit bags go below, only a small bag allowed on the bus. It will be crowded! Ear phones is the item most kids forget. No junk food or face the wrath of Coach Rock.

Parental Issues handled Thursday Morning at Jesuit:
Fundraiser T-shirts and rugby shorts - see Coach Tiny to purchase or exchange. This is low priority for management, be considerate. The other items in the kit are all we have. The players should try and make arrangements to swap out with each other on sizes. They have a long bus ride to do so.
Money - see Coach Joe Kelly - this is HIGH priority! We do want to let you on the bus, so make sure your are paid up!

Parent Volunteers
We will need volunteers to assist with some minor last minute things such as loading a few items in and on the bus, maybe a run to the store. Possibly handle fundraiser t-shirt exchange and purchase.

Meeting at Jesuit Dallas

As you prep for Colorado trip and your convening at Jesuit of Dallas, please remind the players and their parents of the following. There are summer sports camps, summer school and construction crews on campus. For parking you have been asked to recommend players carpool to the school. Cars should be parked by the stadium on the lower level parking area if they are planning to remain over night/weekend. Those who park here do so at their own risk and the school assumes no responsibility. There is an event planned here on Saturday which I am involved in and I will check on any vehicles left behind.

The lower field locker room (behind the scoreboard/concession building) has been made available for you for changing before and after training. Showers are available in this building as well but no towels. Players are asked to change there and not in the washrooms, the main campus buildings or the parking lots.

I will be there tomorrow with my kids as will Paul Maturi or stadium manager. If you need anything please let us know prior to you arrival.

Developing Men for Others,

Anthony Mattacchione
Community Service and Social Justice
Head Rugby Coach
Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas

Valid School IDs Mandatory for Tournament

Either, scan and email to me, photograph and email to me, or copy and fax to 972-242-2071 care of Joe Kelly. Copies of insurance cards are optional but recommended.

Because USARugby has designated these RASTs as high school All Star tournaments (as opposed to U-19 or U-17 as in the past), proof of age is no longer required. At check-in, each player will be required to present a valid high school ID for the 2012-2103 school year. There can be no exceptions to this requirement. We also ask that each side present a roster with the names of all players listed in alphabetical order to facilitate check-in.

Please note, the statement, "There can be no exceptions to this requirement."

I highly suggest that your son obtain a school ID. It would be unfortunate that he travel all the way there and not play due to failure to provide proper paperwork.


Clarification on eligibility from Kurt Weaver, the Director of Youth & High School Rugby for USA Rugby.

Bottom line is that if your son does NOT have a student ID, then he will need a document from the student registrar proving enrollment AND a photo ID.


1.) All Players MUST be in high school during the 12-13 school year; no 8th graders and no college freshmen (8th graders are not allowed to play high school rugby at any time, but if there is a middle school tier at the RAST, they are welcome to play in that).

2.) Players are too old, and not allowed to play if they turned 19 before September 1, 2012. Again, they first must be enrolled in HS, then this age limit is applied.

3.) The 'VARSITY' tier consists of HS Juniors and Seniors for the school year 12-13 (meaning this school year we are in).

4.) The 'JR VARSITY' tier consists of HS Freshmen and Sophomores for the school year 12-13.

5.) Only the EXCEPTIONAL sophomore should play up with the varsity team, meaning 1 or 2 per state, if that. Likely you will talk to Coach Salty or Coach Danielle to discuss these players before playing them up.

6.) Proof of HS enrollment is required, a school ID or document from their registrar with a picture ID.

7.) Players will be selected for the High School All American Stars and Stripes game from the RAST events ONLY. There were no selections done at the HS national invitational tournaments, etc. Player must be in attendance at one of the RAST events to be considered.

8.)All players must be registered with USA Rugby, and coaches must be registered and certified with USA Rugby.

Rugby Texas Colorado Agenda

Rugby Texas Colorado Agenda

Thursday (June 13th)

10:00am Training at Jesuit Dallas
12:00pm Lunch and showers
1:00pm Board the bus, leave for Colorado
7:30pm Arrive in Amarillo
Players to dinner, coaches check in
9:00pm Players to rooms
10:00pm Light out, get some sleep

Friday (June 14th)

7:00am Breakfast
9:00am Training, light walk through
10:00am Showers and prepare for departure
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Board bus for remainder of trip
7:30pm Arrive to hotel
Players assigned to rooms and change for banquet
8:00pm Dinner/banquet with guest speaker
10:00pm lights out, get some sleep

Saturday (June 15th)

7:00am Team breakfast
8:00am Leave for pitch and day of Rugby
4:00pm Back to hotel to shower and rest
7:00pm Dinner
10:00pm Lights out, get some rest

Sunday (June 16th)

7:00am Team Breakfast
8:00am Leave hotel for the pitch, day if rugby
4:00pm Return to the hotel, prepare for departure (showers, pack)
5:00pm Depart from Denver
It is estimated that the trip will take 14 hours of travel time. On the way up we will spend the night in Amarillo, on the way back we will drive straight back.
We will return to the same location we left, Jesuit Dallas

Important addresses

Jesuit Dallas
12345 Inwood Road, Dallas Texas 75244

Hilton Garden Inn, South/Meridian
9290 Meridian Blvd, Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 824-1550

Rugby Tournament Field Location
Aurora Sports Complex, Aurora, CO

2013 Rocky Mountain Challenge Tournament Schedule

2013 Rocky Mountain Challenge

Weekend Schedule of Events
Friday, June 14th

5:00-8PM All Teams Check-In at Doubletree Hotel per schedule TBD
8:00 Coaches/Captains Meeting at Doubletree Hotel

Saturday, June 16th

7:30AM Leave for Aurora Sports Complex
9:00 Opening Ceremony- all sides participate
10:00 First matches kickoff
5:00PM Final matches conclude

Sunday, June 17th

7:30AM Leave for Aurora Sports Complex
9:00 First matches kickoff
12:00 PM Boys Junior Varsity Championship Match
1:00 Girls Championship match
2:00 Boys Varsity Championship match
3:00 Presentation of trophies
Announcement of all-tournament selections

Rocky Mountain Challenge Photos

Rugby Texas purchased a photo package from the Rocky Mountain Tournament, On The Marc Photography. This will be an entire photo package of every Texas game played, which will be distributed as a DVD to all HP participants. We will make an announcement as soon as the DVDs become available.

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